Crocodile tears for Darfur flood the civilized world

More celebrities are joining the crocodile tears for Darfur band wagon. See

Organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the Save Darfur Coalition are silent on the role of the United States and other democracies in fueling the violence in Sudan.


For some strange reason these activists are not too concerned about the Congo were a larger number of killings and rapes have occurred. Can it be because the United States, Israel and Europe benefit from the diamonds, other natural resources, and sale of weapons, that the death of millions of black Africans in the Congo is not so tragic?


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  1. Good point. And what do you think of, for example, Shoher’s attitude like here
    ht tp ://s a m s o n b l i n d e ?

    Comment by Nikol | October 1, 2007 | Reply

  2. Nikol,

    Obadiah Shoher, the creator of the website you linked to complains that he is being censored by search engines and others, yet he censored me when I had posted a comment on his website. I discuss it here
    So while I have posted your comment, including the website address, I have removed the link by putting spaces between some of the letters.

    Regarding Obadiah Shoher’s comments on Darfur
    “Sudan is Egypt’s enemy. Israel must strengthen Sudan to drain Egypt in the arms race. To undermine Sudan’s government is stupid for Israel.”

    Sudan is not the enemy of Egypt. There are over 3 million Sudanese living in Egypt. Also, Israel is involved in fueling the violence in Darfur. They provide the rebels with weapons, not enough to overtake the Sudanese government, only just enough to create chaos and perpetuate the violence.

    Comment by randalljones | October 2, 2007 | Reply

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